About Harmony Christian School

Harmony Christian School is a truly Christian primary school located in Rustenburg, North Western Region of South Africa under the aucpices of Bethel Gospel Assembly, Harlem New York. We work tirelessly to give our students the best education possible. We admit learners from all nationalities. We have boarding facilities and teach computer lessons as early as Grade 1 and Christian moral values are emphasized.

Our Beginnings

Harmony Christian School was founded in 2006 with Grade 1-4 learners gradually going up to Grade 9 from 2008 to 2016. Our Grade 9 learners had to be transferred to other schools with High School facilities. Beginning in 2017 we added grades 10 and 11; beginning 2019 we will also have Grade 12.

Harmony Christian School is established on Harmony Estate with the two other units on 160 hectares of land.

  • The Harmony Christian School is the hub of activity on the Harmony Estate
  • The Learners and all who work and live on the Harmony Estate are to be fed from the proceeds of the Harmony Farms
  • A major curriculum goal of the School is to run Agricultural and Agric. technology tracks

Harmony Farms

Harmony Christian School also has a farm on 160-hectares of land, and we are now opening the chicken and game farm for business. In the future, we plan to sell our products to the neighborhood. The school is also available for groups retreat and church gatherings.

About Bethel Gospel Assembly Ministries Trust (BGAM TRUST)

BETHEL GOSPEL ASSEMBLY MINISTRIES TRUST (BGAM TRUST) is a PUBLIC BENEFIT ORGANIZATION (PBO) duly established with the Master of the High Court in Pretoria with Registration Number IT961/03 and also a NON PROFIT ORGANIZATION (NPO) with Registration Number 062771. This entity was established by BETHEL GOSPEL ASSEMBLY Inc. NY, a local church in HARLEM NEW YORK, as a legal entity to enable her carry out her MISSIONS ENDEAVOUR in South Africa. The OBJECTIVES of the TRUST include enhancing the spiritual well-being of the peoples of South Africa; enhancing their intellectual well-being, their social well-being and their economic well-being. BGAM TRUST has sought to accomplish these OBJECTIVES by (a) Proclaiming the GOSPEL of JESUS CHRIST and establishing local congregations of those who believe in JESUS to promote their growth in the knowledge of JESUS; (b) establishing a Boarding school for boys and girls to afford them good quality education; (c) establishing an orphanage specifically for those orphaned because of AIDS; (d) assisting in establishing small businesses to provide jobs for some of the unemployed.

To date the following has been accomplished:

HARMONY CHRISTIAN SCHOOL in RUSTENBURG NW PROVINCE. This is a boarding school for boys and girls in operation since January 2006; presently registered by the North West Province Department of Education as a Primary and Secondary School.

For your information: There are 3 projects going on at the moment:

  1. In 2014, the school embarked on chicken farming (layers only). We sell the eggs to the community/neighbourhood and staff members and also feed learners from them.
  2. In 2016, the school purchased 18 antelopes for game farm.
  3. The beginning of this year, 2017 26th January, the gardening project was introduced. It is sponsored by AfriGrow.

Contact us today for questions about the charitable school managed by our organization.

Contact details: New York, NY (212) 860-1519

                                        South Africa: +27 14 597 5925/7    or  +27 078 845 4090

Email: admin@harmonychristianschool.co.za        lebo.sibilanga925@gmail.com        drruthonukwue@gmail.com 

To enrol your child contact us on +27 14 597 5925/7   or   +27 73 312 1088        Email: admin@harmonychristianschool.co.za   rakgomop@yahoo.com