How to Donate

Harmony Christian School is a Primary school established by Bethel Gospel Assembly. Our school stays in operation because of generous donations we receive from people all over the world.

Monetary Donations

Due to sacrificial giving of the congregation of Bethel Gospel Assembly, we have been able to establish and sustain Harmony Christian School. Money donations from our benefactors in the United States also help us provide students who can’t afford to go to such a School as ours with a high-level academic program. With your help, we can help every graduating student to be outstanding in academics and in character, able to speak at least two international languages upon graduating from Grade 12. We can also establish language labs with your donations.

School Materials

Harmony Christian School also accepts games, laptop computers, library materials, and any other donations in kind that would be useful for our students. Urgent help is also needed for fund and building materials for the building of our High School (Secondary) Boys and Girls Dormitories.


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